I started working out with a trainer at the beginning of the month, after having an “is that my ass?!” moment in a clothing store dressing room. I liked it so much after the first week, I invited the Sugar to go with me. She put us on a 16 week program and we’ve been…

Old Spa Robes into Pretty New Swimsuit Coverups

Today, I had some friends from work over for a little art project. A couple of months ago, we saved some perfectly good spa robes from going into the trash at our job. They were a little thinned and a bit dingy from repeated washing, so they’d been replaced by new thick white ones, but…

New Piercing

  I got a dermal chest piercing today, the first of three. It’s titanium with a synthetic opal cap that matches my wedding ring. I love it. Love it. Love. It.

Paint Haul!

I used the gift card I got at Christmas to buy art supplies this weekend. I snagged these Pebeo paints I’ve been wanting to try since October, when I saw them being used by some merch sellers at a Beats Antique show. When you mix them, interesting effects appear in the paint as it dries….