I started working out with a trainer at the beginning of the month, after having an “is that my ass?!” moment in a clothing store dressing room.

I liked it so much after the first week, I invited the Sugar to go with me. She put us on a 16 week program and we’ve been strength training twice a week ever since. He has his own reasons for working out but I love having him there, getting stronger with me.

She takes us through challenging sessions which make my lizard brain cry, but we make it through them and thank her when it’s over.

I’ve been sleeping better, making better meal choices, feeling less back pain after a day of massaging, and skipping my evening nightcap more often.

I feel good and even though it was vanity which spurred me into action (who doesn’t want a sexy pair of legs? They look good on men and women!), my fitness goals are more about enjoying a long, healthy life with my husband and a decades long massage career.

This song never fails to keep me going when I want to give up, no matter what I’m up to. I’ve been thinking for years of getting the title as a tattoo and I finally did it yesterday, realizing it would double as fitness motivation.


Keep hustlin’ honeys.




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