Calling Myself a Dancer

I'll have some of the yella
A work in slow progress

Tuesday night in class I realized I’m growing as a dancer.

Moves I struggled with a year ago, are smoother now. Layering no longer seems out of reach. I’m getting better at turning and traveling, counting and cueing. I’m practicing outside of class more.

I can see my body changing, feel the weight lifting from my spirit. I’m more comfortable calling myself a dancer.

I’m setting goals for belly dance, investing in it, yet I don’t know what I want from it.

Is it exercise or therapy? Am I satisfied being a student, or do I want to perform?

I really don’t know and answering those questions doesn’t seem as important as the dancing itself. I figure, if I keep learning and practicing, everything else will fall into place.

I took off this weekend for a three-day workshop with Donna Mejia, an amazing performer and instructor based in Colorado who is gracing Kansas City with her lovely presence.
There will be three dance classes, a lecture, and a show on Saturday night.

I’ll be surrounded by instructors and students from all over the city, hearing awesome new music, dancing, getting inspiration from everywhere, and I couldn’t be more excited.




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