The Best of 2016


This year I…

Married my best friend. We had a private ceremony on the side of a mountain in Colorado, just the two of us. It was breathtaking and wonderful. I’d do it again every year if I could.


Started painting. Call it art therapy. Painting without a brush, experimenting with different ways of creating these colorful abstracts became my main form of meditation this summer.

Danced. I made it a priority and attended classes most of the year. I advanced to the intermediate class, made some friends, danced in a recital, bought some zills and a new hip scarf, learned more about what my body is capable of, and fell more deeply in love with belly dance.

Zills and scarf. Isn’t Prisma fun?

Took a weekend massage workshop in Saint Louis. The class was a great reminder of how little effort is needed to get someone to relax. The Sugar took the four-hour drive with me. We stayed with family and they introduced us to Quincy Street Bistro and Clementine’s ice cream, both fantastic. I also got to cuddle two huge, sweet dogs when I wasn’t learning.




What was your favorite part of 2016?




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