Just Do It, She Said

She said I should be writing or teaching, or both, because I have a way with words and the ability to make people understand, even when I’m passionate.

She said it’s a gift I should do something with.

I hadn’t realized anyone could see my desires burning a hole in my spirit.

I told her I feel a very strong pull to both write and teach, but I’ve been floundering out of fear of putting myself out there, and not knowing where to focus my energy.

There’s so much I care about.

I want to write it all.

I told her about this blog, the way I deleted all the posts earlier this year but couldn’t let go of the domain.

Just do it, she said.

Stop prejudging your work and publish something.

So here I am,

starting over,

trusting myself.

Ready to write my unfiltered heart out and see where it takes me.


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